Zebra Stripe Setup for RCMS

There are 3 steps to setting up the Zebra Stripe printer in RCMS.
Step 1.                  Configure RCMS settings
Step 2.                  Load ribbon and media (labels) in the printer
Step 3.                  Install Windows driver

RCMS Settings

In the RC System Settings screen, choose the Printing tab.

Enter the following settings in the Barcode section:

  • Printer & Format must be set to 'Zebra Stripe using Code 93'

  • Density must be set to 'High'

  • The other settings are optional.

Zebra Stripe S500 Ribbon and Label Install

The most common setup of the Stripe is roll media in tear-off mode.  There are several other options including cutter mode, fanfold, and external rewind but these options require extra hardware and are not necessary.  Refer to the manual for more detailed information.  The figures and pages referred to below correspond with the manual.

Media and Ribbon

Loading Media (Labels)

Roll Media in Tear-Off Mode

Figure 3 illustrates the method of loading media for operation in Tear-Off Mode.



Figure 3 – Roll media loading in tear-off mode

First, move the Head Open Lever counterclockwise to the OPEN position and raise the Print head. Slide the Media Guide and the Media Supply Guide as far out from the printer frame as possible.

Place the media roll on the Media Supply Hanger, and thread the media through the Print head Assembly as shown in Figure 3. Adjust the Media Supply Guide and the Media Guide against the outer edge of the media. These guides must not cause pressure or excessive drag on the media.

Adjusting the Media Sensor

When the Stripe printer is powered ON, it performs a self-test and configures its operating characteristics. Some of these characteristics are determined by the position of the Media Sensor. See Figure 7.



Figure 7 – Media sensor adjustment

With the Print head OPEN, look through the front of the print mechanism and locate the Media Sensor Adjustment Lever.

When continuous media (no notch or opening to sense, i.e. roll media) is used, position the Media Sensor anywhere over the media so that an Out-of-Media condition will still be sensed.

Ribbon Loading

Adjusting the Ribbon Supply Spindle

Ribbon Supply Spindle: Normal Position

In the Normal Position, the Dual-Tension Ribbon Supply Spindle provides the desired amount of ribbon back-tension for different ribbon widths. To place the Spindle in the Normal Position, firmly pull the Spindle End-Cap until it clicks into place, as shown in Figure 8.



Figure 8 – Ribbon supply spindle adjustment

Loading the Ribbon

To load ribbon, see Figure 9 and follow the procedure below.




Figure 9 – Ribbon loading diagram

Note: Use ribbon that is wider than the media. The smooth backing of the ribbon protects the print head from wear and premature failure due to excessive abrasion.

1. Adjust the Ribbon Supply Spindle position for normal or low tension. (see above).

2. Align the blades on the two sections of the spindle as shown in Figure 8. (You do not need to do this if your ribbon width is 2.4" (60 mm) or less.)

3. Place the ribbon roll on the Ribbon Supply Spindle.

4. Open the Print head by moving the Head Open Lever counterclockwise to the OPEN position.

5. Thread the ribbon as shown without creasing or wrinkling it. Wind the ribbon onto the Ribbon Take-up Spindle for several turns in a clockwise direction.

6. Close the Print head by moving the lever clockwise to the CLOSED position.

For information on how to run printer calibration or to adjust print darkness turn to page 14 of the manual.

Configuration and Calibration

If this is the first time the printer is setup or new labels have been loaded it is important that the printer be calibrated.  The other settings below are optional.


Setting Print Darkness

Press the MODE key until the DARKEN LED lights.  Press Up or Down to adjust.


Adjust label rest position for tearing off labels

Set the label rest position to easily tear off labels after printing.  Press MODE until POSITION LED is lit.  Press Up or Down to adjust.


Setting Label Top Position

If printing is not centered correctly or the printing is off the label, adjust the Label Top Position.  Press MODE key until the POSITION LED is lit.  Now press and hold MODE key until the DARKEN and CALIBRATE LED’s turn on.  Press the Up and Down keys to center labels.

Calibrating Printer

To calibrate printer press the MODE key until the calibrate LED is lit.  Press the Up (FEED) button to begin calibration.


Windows driver installation

The following instructions are for driver setup for the Zebra Stripe printer in Windows 2000.  Other versions of Windows may have different setups but the drivers installed are the same.  The printer can be setup on a network server or a local machine and shared on either system.



Click on Start > Settings > Printers
Double click on Add Printer
Click Next
Select Local printer and uncheck Automatically Detect printer
LPT1 is selected by default so click Next
In the Manufacturers list select Generic
In the Printers list choose Generic / Text Only
Name the printer Zebra Stripe (It can be named anything)
Select No for the default printer option. Click Next
If other machines will need access to the label printer give it a share name otherwise choose No. Click Next.
Do you want to print a test page?  Choose No. Next
Click Finish

Test setup by printing labels from RCMS.

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