Accounting Integration

Rental Control Management System comes in two versions.  The RCMS Enterprise Edition includes fully integrated accounting with Sage Pro ERP.  The RCMS Small Business Edition does not have any built in accounting but instead exports directly to QuickBooks. 

Enterprise Edition:
RCMS Professional Enterprise Edition is built on a solid accounting base the Sage Pro ERP System Manager and Accounts Receivable Modules. All of our competitors treat accounting as an afterthought. Whether you choose to utilize the full integration of the other Sage Pro ERP Modules or you want to post to another accounting package, RCMS Professional gives you a solid accounting base.

Sage Pro ERP is a fully integrated suite of Microsoft-based accounting, business management and e-business applications. Sage accounting in RCMSSage Pro ERP is ideal for medium-size companies that demand real-time inventory control, tightly integrated e-business capability, and source code modifiability. Sage Pro ERP has been the #1 rated accounting series for Small to Medium sized Enterprises for the last 2 years! With over 500,000 business users worldwide, Sage is the world’s leading supplier of open source database accounting systems. It is more widely tested, more commonly implemented and more thoroughly developed than any other Windows-based accounting software. Sage is one of the largest software manufacturers in the world.

Built into RCMS Professional is the Sage Pro ERP System Manager, the control center of Sage Pro ERP. System Manager allows you to configure and customize hardware and workstation settings; control user security; change customer, vendor and item numbers; create custom queries; and more. A data dictionary stores application information and database files.

System Manager includes audit trail reports, fiscal calendars, network phone messaging and individual user browser window settings as well as the ability to send any RCMS Professional report via fax, email or as a file attachment (optional module).

RCMS Professional also incorporates Sage Pro ERP accounts receivable system. This includes extensive sales analysis reports that instantly display and print 24-month customer sales and item histories and graphs. Sage's Business Status Report provides key business measurements in real time.

Modules for Sage Pro ERP:
All Sage Pro ERP modules are fully integrated for maximum efficiency and reliability.

  • System Manager (included with RCMS Professional Enterprise Edition)
  • Accounts Receivable (included with RCMS Professional Enterprise Edition)
  • General Ledger
  • Accounts Payable
  • Purchase Orders
  • Payroll
  • Customization Manager

Small Business Edition:
The RCMS Small Business Edition includes all of the rental features of RCMS and will export Customers, Invoices, Credit Memos, and Journal Entries to Intuit's QuickBooks.  Customers and Inventory will be managed within RCMS.  Any changes made to a customer such as change of address or contact information will be updated within QuickBooks.  When inventory is purchased, sold, depreciated, or disposed of RCMS will update QuickBooks with the appropriate journal entries.  This level of integration gives you full access to RCMS' Order Processing and Inventory Control features without the expense of changing accounting software.

You control how often RCMS will update QuickBooks.  The Export process is initiated within RCMS by selecting the option 'Export to QuickBooks' and that's it.  There is no need to export files from RCMS and then import them into QuickBooks like competing packages, our link to QuickBooks is direct.

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